About Us

We have found that there are an increasing number of women working within the construction industry and we are taking this opportunity to reach out. 

NAWIC’s core purpose is:  

“To enhance the success of women in the construction industry!”

Our members come from General Contractors, Subcontractors, Construction Management Firms, Law Firms, and Insurance Companies. Our current members are: Project Managers, Owners, Superintendents, Administrative Assistants, Lawyers, Construction Managers, Office Managers, Accountants, and Field/Office Engineers. As you can see, we have a diverse group of women within our organization.

Throughout the year our Chapter works very hard at achieving the core purpose through many different activities. Some of these activities include professional development industry speakers, networking events, and job site tours. Another one of our goals is to increase awareness of the opportunities available within the construction industry to the younger generations. To accomplish this goal we participate in the following events:

– NAWIC Education Foundation (NEF) Block Kids Event: we work with first through sixth graders on a national contest in which the children use blocks to create a construction-related project and then are judged on various categories.

– Scholarships: Our Chapter offers scholarships each year. We offer them to a female student entering or who have entered into a training or degree program related to construction.

Our Chapter would like to increase awareness of women in construction by offering our support and services to more women working within the industry in the Delaware region. For us to obtain our goal, it’s necessary for us to spread the word to the various companies and organizations within the county. We are hoping that with your help, we can raise the awareness of women in construction to the women working in your company to introduce them to NAWIC, our Chapter, and what benefits there are to being a member.

We invite you to browse our website and consider becoming a member of our organization. The benefits are many. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. In addition to phone and email information, we provide a convenient online contact form. Thank you for your interest!